“Cecily’s Secret Power”


Big Word Books © BWB©  are books with activity, dedicated dictionary for the introduction of larger words and quick quiz questions for comprehension.


Cecily has learned to read and shows her Mum and Dad what she can do with her new secret power!   NOW AVAILABLE…Price includes postage.

BWB’s © (Big Word Books©) have a dictionary in the back of each book with a Quick Quiz for comprehension. Price includes postage.

Plenty of pics in this heartwarming story about young Cecily who uses her special power (reading) to do something special for her Mum and Dad.

Cecily’s Secret Power is an educational Big Word Book© (BWB©)   Look for Cecily’s Secret Recipes. The next in the Cecily series!

It has a dictionary of new or larger words in the back of the book, comprehension questions and an activity.

It is written in rhyme and is a traditional family oriented book.

*Limited stock of this book with apron available. Apron comes in small and medium. fitting 4 to 10 year olds.

Aprons come in three different patterns, Friendly Fruit ( black background with smiley fruit), Fruit Salad(white background with fruit), and Cool Bananas(blue background with bright yellow bunches of bananas).Should your choice become unavailable then another patterned apron will replace your choice as numbers are limited. They all look great!

This book is also available without an apron In the “Current Titles” Division and “Educational Products” Division.

Look for Cecily’s Secret Recipes. It is the next in the Cecily series. It will have special diet recipes in it too. vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, diabetic, and gluten free!