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Hi there everyone,

The love of books and of learning was instilled in me by my mother and father whose names (my own maiden name) I have chosen to start my own little book shop… online.

I have long enjoyed the reading of books! They helped nurture, instruct, enliven the imagination, and give value to the issues of life… My life circumstances caused me to examine not only what I had read and how important it was to me and my children but also gave me a reason to write.

Call me old fashioned if you will, but I think that there is nothing nicer than to cosy up and read a physical book with its tactile form, the smell of paper, ink and glue… that does not require electricity to read it! So easy to turn back the pages to re-read parts that I really wanted to absorb because therein, the pictures formed in my own mind until suddenly, my world was different, or I could see another world, other people and their situations. That is why there will only be physical books sold through lucas robinson books

Academic education is an important part of developing people’s self-esteem, therefore all of our children’s books will have the intention to teach academically and socially however with very engaging storylines. Our teens and up books will be thought provoking and challenging. We even have an antique book section and yes, they are the real deal with many classics among them.

The aim of lucas robinson books is also to nurture humanity not only with the education and the written word but also with a dedicated portion of profits to support coal face missions that are truly nurturing the recipients of their care.

We hope that you and your children will enjoy some of the titles on offer.

We value your feedback so please feel free to write to us at

God bless you

ELG Klavins (nee Lucas Robinson)