2020 Winners Congratulations!!!

Senior Story writing : Peter  W.  Well done! (Home Schooled Aus wide)

Runner up : Beth Hingston…

Primary Picture Book Prize : The Chicken and the Egg. L. Knight  ( Art prize award)


2019 Winners  Congratulations !!!

Senior Story Writing  winners:

A. Gluyas    “Gone “First place Senior Story . (What a thriller!)    H. Gell,     “Pipes” Runner up  Senior Story .   J. Lampkin   “Joey” Encouragement award.

Junior Writing Winners:

A J. Abdou       Nature Trilogy “Rain Rainbows and Flowers” Junior Poetry award    J. Abdou   ” The Ballon” Junior  Picture Book Award.

There were no  Senior Poetry, or Picture Book  entrants  and no Junior story entrant in our inaugural  2019.   So come on Give it a go in 2020.  You Never Know! 

ANNUAL  2020 Writing Competition … Free to enter. Give it a Go! You never know!

Lucas Robinson Books is now open  Australia wide

If you are lost for a starting point to write a story about I have thought of a topic that is not essential to use but may give you some ideas….. for 2020  here it is..“of light !”  

Contact details 0456164 951

2020 Writing competition. All entries must be post dated 12th March…

Contact details: ph: 0456 164 951


Must be post dated 12th March 2020 received by 31st March 2020

Post entry to : Lucas Robinson Books c/o Mrs E. Klavins

PO BOX 400 Devonport 7310

Junior and Senior prizes for three categories:
Primary : 7 years to 12 years old.    Senior: 13 years old to 16 years (high School grades 7-10)

Entering this contest means that you give permission for Lucas robinson Books to advertise the names of the winners on this website unless prior request to withhold composers names has been requested.

  1. Picture Book– A book that tells the story with almost all pages as pictures.
  2. Story – an adventure,  funny, sad, fantasy or  science fiction story (with or without pictures)
  3. Poetry–  The poem does not need to have a traditional rhyming form. Poems do not need to have pictures.
  4. Slam Poetry –  Performance Poetry

Rules: Must be original work by the one child. No inappropriate language to be used. Judges decision is final.  No correspondence will be entered
into. Corrections  (grammar only) may be made by an adult after the child has written the entire  story or poem.  The corrected page(s)
must be submitted ie not rewritten. Name and  date your work.(copyright) All entries receive a certificate of competition achievement .

Slam Poetry is a NEW category. It is performance poetry.  Its aim is to really say something important. You may  only send via your teacher or your parent/ guardian your own composition performed by you. It is not Rap. It is punchy well aimed words that gel together in performance to create a powerful message.  Senior students may wish to look at Katie Mackie’s  award winning performance “Pretty”
This is not a competition purely for literacy but also creativity.
Prizes for both senior and  primary winners:
Picture Book ……  gear
Story ………………writing gear
Poem ………………writing gear

Slam Poetry undecided but at least a poetry pack!  Remember that sign language is also a way of “telling “a story or poem piece. 

Good luck to all students participating in the new competition!  Thank you also to all parents and teachers for giving their students and children a valuable experience to believe that they have a voice and  abilities .  Please enjoy browsing the website for antique classics , second hand and new books.