So nice to have the site up at last. It is named for my parents and my maiden name, lucas robinson books is  ready to trade.  To start with, there are the classics but they are old- some are around two hundred years old!  That is where I am starting…with precious old antique books written in a time and place that was a tad slower and where the lingo was more formal, society was totally proper and polite and the clothing was impractical but a lot more romantic.  Where there was no television, but there was poetry… no cars but horses and carts.  It was a time when faith guided and God answered.

So if you want to read from pages that were handled by people over one hundred years ago…if you want to read from books that were built to last a lot longer than modern paper backs, then why not browse our titles in the old and antique section of lucas robinson books and choose a title to buy knowing that  as you do, somewhere in the world a young person or a group will get a bit of a handout too in education, clothing or food.  We are dedicated to at least annually assess profit and give a direct amount to charities that support our values which is to nurture humanity.

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